October 9, 2017

Recording Studio

Live-Room: 80m2

Booth: 15m2

Control-Room: 40m2

For nearly 3 decades de Regentenkamer Den Haag has been an intimate refuge for Jazz lovers to immerse themselves in the unique atmosphere created by a wide range of performing artists with their own interpretations of jazz classics, lessor known pieces and home grown compositions.

Impromptu jam sessions, scheduled events such as Cooking Jazz and Jazz band showcase events bring creators, performers, and listening enthusiasts together regularly for a few hours of live entertainment.

Gathering The Music (GTM) is an artistic development company based in The Hague, collaborating with a community Jazz musicians to provide Management, Recording, Producing, Launching and Marketing expertise. GTM is based in The Hague (The Netherlands) and has an established network of partners reaching as far as Los Angeles (USA), with an enviable track record of success in the international music industry.

De Regentenkamer Den Haag will soon be home of a new, modern GTM sound recording studio “The Gathering” to capture performances and to share the Jazz experience with the local and global listening community.

Facilities for recording studio sessions, on-line streaming and recording live performances as well as creating musical collages are all part-and-parcel of the professional capabilities made available to the music creators and music makers.

This GTM-Regentenkamer Den Haag collaboration is intended to re-establish The Hague as an internationally recognized hot-bed of creative, talented and inspired performers.

We look forward to sharing this experience with you.