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What we do

Dreams - Plans - Realisation

Gathering The Music is a record label and artist development company. We collaborate with our musicians to provide Management, Recording, Producing, Launching and Marketing expertise. 

  • We record live music and create productions.

  • We help you to set and achieve your musical and commercial goals.

  • We can mix and master your recordings professionaly.

  • We can help you with your publishing.

The Team

Our GTM Family

Kevin Lens

Managing Director
Driven by the love for music, Kevin has a clear vision and mission to create a family of musicians to spread the excitement and pleasure of around the world. In his management role his enthusiasm is contagious and he is adept at effectively dealing at all levels of the music industry.

Niels Onstenk

Musical Director
is a graduate of the jazz and pop department of the Conservatory of Music (HKU) in Utrecht. In 2006 at the age of 17 he was admitted to the Conservatory where he had lessons from some well-known guitarists such as Martijn Roselaar, Marcel Karreman, Theo de Jong, Wim Bronnenberg and the renowned Eef Albers. Won the award of Best Guitarist of the Netherlands. 

Chris Kooreman

Music Production & Publishing
The combination of his musical background, a penchant for dance and deejay skills gave him the building blocks to develop into a competent and effective Music Producer able to reach people with the power of music. With the record deals Chris booked he was not only the “music producer” but because of his creative skills and enthusiasm he was often assigned to produce the “music videos” and designs as well.

Bas Janssen

The past 6 years he was the leadsinger of The New Vintage Soulgroup ‘Dear Mr Man’. After 2 albums, a lot of shows at the coolest venues in the Netherlands, support act of the bands ‘KANE’ and ‘De Dijk’ and their music being used in the 2015 tv-commercial of Hooghoudt Jenever, it is time to fulfill the next dream: a solo project with pure soulful pop-songs.

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